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Bank Australia Online

Latest review: Opened an account at a branch a few months ago, have been banking online and via the app ever since. Was great divesting my money away from the nasties that Westpac was supporting. Had divested my

Bank Australia Branches

Latest review: Have been banking with NAB for years but went to Bank Australia for a home loan. Service was excellent! Brad from Canberra City Branch was consistently very helpful and expedited the process nicely;


Latest review: Disappointed with the customer service over the phone, all we asked was to order a replacement card and they had an issue with someone speaking in the background so now we have to wait for a manager

Up Banking

Latest review: Been with this bank for 3-4 months now and really glad I moved. The app is the real highlight here, with cutting edge features comparable to the comm bank app. Every update the app additional


Latest review: After confirming at the beginning of the process and at the middle of the process, two months later we're told 'you're approved! But we don't do company titles'. They seem to suck in as many

ME (Members Equity) Bank

Latest review: Been banking with members equity for over ten years. In that time I've had car loans home loans and paid them all well within period. And currently have a personal loan that I'm $2800 in front on and

Commonwealth Bank Branches

Latest review: I have always appreciated the cheerful personal service of the staff at the Katoomba branch of cba. It was on my last visit to the branch that the efficient and pleasant encounter with Kiah Hall

Bengido Bank Branches

Latest review: I was a customer with Bendigo for 15 years. I have recently discovered they've taken at minimum $400 in incorrect fees. The branch manager has final say, and has only offered $29 as a "goodwill

NAB (National Australia Bank) Online

Latest review: Started a trip overseas and they blocked my account. No way to get any money. Spent hours on the phone.Said i have to come into a local branch. There are no local branches overseas!!!! I dont know

Commonwealth Bank Online

Latest review: 8 years. Worthless customer care. It doesn’t even recognise my own device in a different location and at the end it locks the account. What a stupid security? Next the customer care will tell you to g

BankWest Branches

Latest review: Absolutely no compassion. I’m trying to access money from my long term savings with compassionate reasons. Head office have no idea what the terms compassionate grounds is to access your own Money

Suncorp Online

Latest review: After many years having two cars comprehensively insured with Suncorp I had a minor accident in my car causing my engine to fail. The first two ladies I talked to on the phone told me I was covered

BankWest Online

Latest review: I have been trying to open up a business account for 4 weeks and all I am getting from Bankwest the business name has to be open in the name(s) of the individuals I keep telling them log onto the

NAB (National Australia Bank) Branches

Latest review: i went to close business account, i was told that i have credit balance of credit card i can not close until credit balance become zero. NAB will transfer money from credit card to my personal

HSBC Online

Latest review: Just signed up for their everyday global account as they offer an $100 bonus and 2% cash back on paywave subject to certain conditions, which is great. The app is terrible. Extremely Slow, looks

ANZ Online

Latest review: You will spend hours and hours filling out application forms and dealing with incompetent employees who do not understand the bank policies in the first place! The decision maker is the manager of

ANZ Branches

Latest review: Long time ANZ customer 35 plus years. Have a cheque account, investment accounts and an ANZ credit card. No debit balances. We went into ANZ branch at Engadine to deposit coins. Friendly service

St.George Branches

Latest review: I closed my bank account with St George well over 2 years ago. I have had no card and no statements. 2-3 months ago I started receiving statements and then today I get a letter saying I owe over $104

Citibank Online

Latest review: I've been with this bank for 6 years. Finally throwing the towel in. They use a call centre in the Philippines and direct everything through that on the following number 132484. Usually they only

Suncorp Branches

Latest review: Had to deal with the death of my father and just found out that they will not release HIS money without probate after speaking with solicitor this will be an extra $9300 to get probate this is the

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