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Bank Australia Branches

Latest review: I have just joined Bank Australia. I am concerned about peace and read the ICAN literature that showed that the big bank I was using invests in the nuclear arms industry. When I saw the

Bank Australia Online

Latest review: I decided to move my banking to Bank Australia having been a customer of a ‘national’ bank for 20years. Despite my significant savings (proceeds of sale of house) my ‘national’ bank was not interes


Latest review: Been with ING for many years but only moved all our banking over. There have been two occasions where we could have missed out on interest or paying international card charges and each time ING have


Latest review: I just wanted to say that I refinanced my mortgage with Ubank last year and opened a saving account and a debit account (Ultra Every Day). I had zero issues getting that sorted, Ubank's online chat

ME (Members Equity) Bank

Latest review: I've been with Members Equity for 15-odd years. They have been fantastic- helping me navigate finance each time I've moved home, including helping me be ready for auctions. Sometimes there's been

Commonwealth Bank Branches

Latest review: Being doing my mum's banking over 15yrs. Today I was told they couldn't find me on their system. All I wanted was passbook update withdraw some money add my own in cash to pay her nursing home

NAB (National Australia Bank) Online

Latest review: 8 Years been with NAB and when you request additional credit on your credit card to cover unexpected medical expenses they decline. But previously when offered and it was not needed it wasn't an

Commonwealth Bank Online

Latest review: Our company's money was easily taken out by scammer via online system. We reported the crime withing 12 hours. Commonwealth bank has no control who even does not care. Our 2 accounts were frozen for

BankWest Online

Latest review: Applied for home loan on 9th April 2019. What a disaster. After giving all the details to Jodie Allison of BankWest, she advised approval would be given within a few days. I even got an email to say

ANZ Online

Latest review: Had a large sum of money stolen by an ANZ customer in an online scam/fraud. Multiple enquiries were made by my bank (Westpac) to resolve the issue with ANZ and revert the transaction but ANZ kept

HSBC Online

Latest review: Changed my direct debit details for my credit card and loan, you have to fax and post to get it confirmed on there end like its 1972, then the debit still comes out of my old account, which likely I

ANZ Branches

Latest review: Having had several dealings , setting up a mortgage then credit card and loan all of which had issues, bad communication from staff and plain incorrect information given. Really wished I had never

Westpac Online

Latest review: We transferred a lot of money over the weekend to pay some invoices before year end. We know at least one business received the money (Osko) on Sunday BUT Westpac changed all the dates and made them

Citibank Online

Latest review: Citi doesn't support additional cardholders. Normal banks offers additional cardholder for debit cards, but not Citi. They doesn't understand how families manage their budget by joint accounts and

Suncorp Branches

Latest review: A business had been depositing into my account for over a year. Suncorp bank allowed them to debit from my account without my knowledge. I asked why and 2 weeks later i got a reply that i should

Westpac Branches

Latest review: DISGRACEFUL Unprofessional and COLD BLOODED VIPERS and I'm being polite!! Its disgusting enough they wont pass on rate cuts in full until they decide to raise them again very soon but it gets worse

Central Murray Credit Union

Latest review: Better than any bank, friendly over the counter service, all the help and advice you want. NO or low fees. Have been with this Credit Union for over 10 years now and should have done it long before.

Auswide Bank Branches

Latest review: I am with the bank for 20 years now. I consider they give the best service among banks. Staff are friendly and helpful, go above and beyond for you in every branch I dealt with. No long queues and

Border Bank

Latest review: Have been with them for at least five years now. Only really have the credit card and a low balance debit card/savings account that I keep . At the moment 10.76 rate for purchases and they have the

Adelaide Bank

Latest review: I like them - pain free and helpful. And they get back to you when they say they will! Highly recommended. good service and a nice range of products - you could do

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